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I took up rowing as a student at college back in the mid-nineties and have been fortunate being able to continue the sport.

Ryebread recipe

The recipe for this delicious bread is by Martin Richter and adapted by me.

Grit cycle routes in Cambridge during winter

Cycling is still a relatively strange means of transport for a large segment of the population in the UK. Safety provisions for cyclists sadly reflect this situation all too well.

A plea for Britain to remain in the EU

It would be a tragedy if the UK decides to leave the EU. Aside from the economic arguments it would have deep and adverse geopolitical consequences for Europe including the UK. What is also underreported is the genuine affection many other EU nations feel towards Britain. This contrast starkly with the Vote Leave campaign which portrays the EU as a cynical imperial project that wants to oppress and exploit the UK.



and some shared photos for family and friends.

Country Music

There's far too much teenage-bubblegum pop music on the airwaves in the UK marketed at prepubescent kids disgracing the core values of mankind. Country music is the immediate remedy for man to redeem his dignity from this abhorrent travesty.


Fun stuff

The skill of subtly blowing your own trumpet in an unpretentious fashion is a de-facto requirement for scholars when publishing research articles. Here's a brief translation guide:
Understanding research papers

There's far too much political correctness these days in the world. Here's an adaption of a popular adventure:
Politically Correct Little Red Riding Hood

English is the lingua franca to most of the world. This often leads to spectacular bemusement when foreigners communicate with native Britons to whom understatement is key. A quick guide below:
British versus foreign English