Grit All Major Cycle Routes in Cambridge during Winter

This campaign has come about as a result of the lack road safety measures for cyclists which has lead to many cyclist having injured themselves by falling off their bikes on black ice patches when the temperature is sub zero.

The immediate point of responsibility for road safety is Cambridgeshire County Council which maintains roads and cycle paths. To persuade the County to act this petition was launched early January 2009.

1233 people have signed up as of 25 February 2009 and the petition was presented to Cambridgeshire County Council on Thursday 26 February 2009.

A statement was made on Tuesday 24 March at the Cambridgeshire County Council cabinet meeting.

The petition website is still present although the petition is now closed.


Local news

24/10/2010: It seems that almost two years after this petition was launched the authorities have finally put a policy in place for gritting cycle paths and pavements. The idea is to use quad-bikes to spread grit and salt on cycle lanes and pavements. This seems very sensible so let's hope that it's not just lip-service.

09/02/2010: The following article calling for politicians to genuinely engage with voters was published in the Cambridge News. The lack of proper democracy (i.e. proportional representation) is the root cause that local politicians feel no incentive to cater for the electorate. Sadly this is why this campaign did not achieve its goal of having a sensible gritting policy implemented for cycle routes.

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Cambridgeshire County Council: "We are sorry to hear about Charlotte's accident. We urge caution to cyclists in icy conditions. We realise Charlotte has concerns and we would invite her to come to see a gritter and put her questions to our highways people. Or if her school agrees we may be able to bring a gritter along for her and her class to learn about what we do."

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